Kitchen Design

Due to the levels of expertise and talent in our team, the choices for all kitchens are unlimited! If you are tired of your existing space, work with us to create a kitchen that you truly love. From finding functional solutions to making the most of your space to adding those extra details and accessories that make your life easier, Sioux Falls Kitchen Pros are Dakota’s number one kitchen and bath designers. Dealing in all aspects of your kitchen and bathroom, including flooring installation, custom cabinets, and cabinet and countertop resurfacing, work with us today!

A great place to begin your design process is to think about the cabinets. These will be the most prominent feature in the room. So making sure that we get the style, color, finish, practicalities, and placements right is key to the success of the design. Our team will support you through our custom cabinet service, creating a one-of-a-kind design that suits your needs and tastes perfectly. From knotty pine doors to maple doors, knotty alder interior doors, and cherry doors, we are the team to bring your vision to life.

There are many details to consider when making your choice of the material, style, shape, and size of your worktops. Firstly, think about the aesthetic. What will match the rest of your kitchen and blend seamlessly with the rest of your home? Then think about the properties of each material. What will be durable and maintain its initial beauty? What will be resistant to scratches and markings? And how much upkeep and maintenance costs will be required in the future? We also encourage you to think about the blend with the rest of the kitchen- if you are opting for a splashbacks tile installation, how will they look together? You will be supported throughout this decision making process by our expert design team!

Design details
The design details cover a whole range of choices for your kitchen. They include details that are less prominent than worktops and cabinets, including features like splashbacks, flooring, and handles. They are a great way to add your own sense of style to the design, utilizing these subtleties by paying attention to the tiniest detail. We also include in this area choices around color and painting. As the best cabinet painters in Sioux Falls, these finishing touches make all the difference!

Taps and appliances
Alongside all of these choices, you must decide on your appliances and other features. These again add that finishing touch to creating the space that you want it to be. With a variety of kitchen sinks, taps, lighting, and other accessories in our kitchen store for you to choose from, we will create the aesthetic that you love. Although this may all seem overwhelming, our friendly team will support you through the journey, offering advice and recommendations. You will also see that once the big aesthetic decisions have been made the smaller detailing will come naturally, as it all ties in together to be a perfect space!