Custom Cabinets

Our custom cabinet service offers you the opportunity to completely design every aspect of your new kitchen or bathroom. As your local experts in all things cabinetry, we are here to provide storage solutions and beauty to your home! With a whole range of materials, styles, colors, and detailing, our work will rejuvenate every room. A custom design allows you complete freedom, and during the process, you will work one-to-one with an expert designer to create the perfect cabinets for you!

Custom Design
Offering the best custom cabinets in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Falls Kitchen Pros will utterly transform your kitchen with our work. You will be paired to work directly with one of our expert designers, who will listen carefully to your needs and preferences, creating cabinets that you absolutely love. With our level of expertise and the quality of workmen that we employ, you can be as creative as you like with your designs. All cabinets that we make are to perfectly suit every individual home. So all your wishes can be incorporated! With a range of materials available to choose from, as well as details and accessories available, we will achieve a look that you love!

Types of wood
We work with a variety of woods to build our cabinets. Mostly locally sourced, we work with materials of only the highest quality, so you can be assured that all of our work will durable, and long-lasting, maintaining its beauty for many years to come. Commonly used woods that our clients love include hemlock kitchen cabinets and rosebud cabinets. Depending on where the cabinets will be located, certain woods will be more appropriate to withstand certain conditions. Your designer will help you to ascertain which will be most useful to you, offering advice and recommendations where needed.

Other materials
Our kitchen cabinet custom service really allows you to create the cabinets that you love. Alongside your choice of woods, you will also need to consider the countertops. With access to the best quality materials, know that when you work with us your home improvements will be the best they can be. Working with a huge range of materials, you can find the aesthetic and properties that perfectly suit you. Including beautiful marble and granite countertops, we also offer exceptional cabinet painting, all of which will bring your vision to life!

Custom bathroom cabinetry
Alongside our kitchen cabinets, we also offer quality cabinets for your bathroom. With all the same options to choose from as in your kitchen, you can completely rejuvenate your bathroom by adding custom cabinets. Our team of experts will help you to create the perfect design, making the most of your space and fulfilling their purpose exactly as you need them to. Our custom cabinets can also offer you the opportunity to create an aesthetic that is perfect for your home. Incorporating beautiful design and aesthetic elements, our experts offer craftsmanship to the highest level. Let us help to make your home utterly beautiful!