Our work is to ensure that all the Sioux Falls kitchens are the best that they can be! With a huge variety of materials, colors, and styles to choose from, your kitchen countertops will be looking beautiful whilst long-lasting, and durable. With our range to choose from, you will find a countertop that is perfectly suited to your tastes and budget. In a custom design, everything will be tailored to suit you and your home!

Custom service
Offering a custom service to all our customers, you can be assured that any work we do will be uniquely tailored to your requirements. With a huge range of materials, styles, colors, accessories, and costs, you will undoubtedly find the right countertop for you! The process will begin with an assessment and measuring of the space. Our experts will then provide you with a list of recommendations to best suit your property. We encourage you to take your time to make these decisions, so you can think over exactly what you want! Once all these choices have been made, and the design is finalized, the installation process begins!

Finest quality materials
All materials that we use are of the highest quality. With a whole range available for your countertops, you can choose a material that matches your taste, existing décor, and budget. From locally sourced woods to granite and laminate, we will help you to choose the material that works best for you. Our team will support you as you consider the color, design, size, and shape of the material and how that will affect the rest of your home. Then thinking about how you will be using the space, how will this material respond in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. Finally, the total cost of the material, including initial costs and future maintenance costs.

Because of the range of materials and styles that we work with, our custom design countertops are available to suit all budgets. On a sliding scale, we can create a design that is lower cost, including lower maintenance long term, or go for something more expensive initially. All materials that we use are of high quality, so even if you are going for a lower price bracket, you can be assured that it will still be of the best quality. With our connections to kitchen and bath wholesalers, all our costs are kept as low as possible, so even in our higher-end products there are no hidden costs and you are getting a great deal!

Refinishing and resurfacing
Alongside our complete design and construction process, we also offer services to rejuvenate your existing countertops. Over time countertops take a great deal of wear and tear. This means that scratches, dents, and marks can appear on the material, making it look a little worse for its wear! Working with a professional team such as ourselves will allow you to have low cost and time efficient services provided that will completely rejuvenate the space!