Cabinet Refacing

For the best cabinet refacing in Sioux Falls, you have come to the right place! Offering all forms of refacing, we can provide those extra touches to completely rejuvenate your existing cabinets. Offering an array of services, we can work on your cabinets to refresh their look, dealing with all materials and all damage. Get in touch today to repair and refresh your kitchen and other cabinets!

What is cabinet refacing?
Cabinet refacing is a quick and cost-effective way to refresh the image of your kitchen, or any other cabinets in your property. It is essentially a replacement of the cabinet ‘skins’; it maintains the shell of the cabinet, replacing the elements that look worn. This means that all drawer fronts and doors are removed, plus commonly handles, drawer pulls, other fixtures and hinges are removed too. The remaining cabinet is covered either in a natural veneer or a melamine-based product. Cabinet sides are skinned with a similar product. Finally, new drawer fronts and doors are installed, including any optional accessories, including glass panels, lighting, extra storage, or crown molding.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing
Cabinet refinishing is a way to renew the look of your cabinets whilst maintaining the existing structure and components. Utilizing finishing methods that include varnishing, painting, and staining, our experts can perform a complete uplift that can restore your cabinets to their original beauty or create a whole new look! This process involves hand sanding or chemically stripping the existing finish, and then a new finish is applied. The key difference between refacing and refinishing is that one provides new components and the other keeps the old ones, simply rejuvenating the look with paint or finishing techniques.

Cabinet painting
For all your cabinet painting needs in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Falls Kitchen Pros are the team to help. Offering the possibility to completely change the whole look of your kitchen or bathroom, a professional paint job can create the look of almost a room remodeling! With a whole variety of paints, stains, and other finishes, all materials and equipment that we work with are of the highest quality, so you can be assured that our work will be flawless and looking beautiful when it is completed. Paying great attention to detail, our team will use either a hand or chemical sanding method to remove the current finish, before applying your new look.

Decision making
The decisions that you need to make must ensure that what you want comes into place. Whether you are choosing between a refinish, refacing, or complete remodel, get in touch today to chat with our experts and receive their advice and recommendations. They will take into account your budget, needs, and preferences, offering a variety of options for you to benefit from. Each of these services will offer a rejuvenating effect on your home but depending on how drastic the changes you want to make are, different services will be more relevant. As the number one expert in cabinets, feel sure to take this journey with us!